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5 Quick Steps To Improving Your Overall Health

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5 Quick Steps To Improving Your Overall Health

Many people ask me how they can improve their overall health and just to get fitter, healthier and happier. Many people also believe that this will result in increased lifespan, and this is certainly true. If you would like to learn more about how to improve your health and how to take good care of yourself and your health, make sure that you read these following tips. But also, make sure that you implement these tips in your daily routine and really stick to them. Not only that it will help you to become healthier, but it will also make you happier and make you feel accomplished.

1. Eat Right

It is really immensely important to take care of your health and what you eat. You cannot expect to put junk food into your body and that it remains healthy and happy. If you don’t know what eating right is and what a healthy diet is, I would advise you to do a little bit of research each prior to making any significant changes to your diet.

However, I can tell you that eating right usually means avoiding excessive salt, sugar, fats; avoiding processed food, oversaturated food and unhealthy fast food. It also means eating plenty of fruit and vegetables, eating organic products, the most important part: really sticking to a healthy diet plan when you devise one.

2. Exercise Plenty

The next step is to exercise plenty. Now, a lot of people don’t like exercising, because they tend to think about it as something that is not fun and that they are forced to do. I would suggest that you shake up your routine and for example start doing what you love, instead of hitting the treadmill if you don’t like going on a treadmill.

For example, you can go hiking, swimming, do yoga, ice skate, playing basketball, or simply find an activity that you enjoy doing. If you feel that the routine and repetitive nature of exercise bothers you, make sure that you do a different activity each day. In that way you will get plenty of exercise and you won’t think of it as something boring or annoying.

3. Monitor Your Weight

If you want to keep yourself healthy you should monitor your weight. Make sure that you don’t overindulge yourself and put on pounds that you don’t really need, or that you start losing weight without realizing. Weight fluctuations can indicate illnesses, that’s why if you’re losing weight and you have no idea why you should definitely turn to your doctor for advice.

4. Monitor Your Health

Also, it is very important to monitor your overall health, go to regular checkups with your general physician and let him monitor your blood pressure. In addition to that, you should visit your dentist regularly and have your eyes checked at least once every two years.

For everyone who is over 50 years old, it is advisable that you to our preventive colonoscopy. As for the ladies, yearly mammography check-ups and a visit to a gynecologist is a must.

5. Do What Makes You Happy

At the very end, I also want to tell you that you should try to keep a positive attitude towards life and do what makes you happy. In this way you will prevent many illnesses that are triggered by stress. Also, depression is one of the leading illnesses of the present day and this is the best way to prevent depression.

High-energy drinks: The good and bad sides

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Energy drinks are mainly used for the rapid restoration of muscle strength, improve mood, alertness, and better memory. However, it is known that energy drinks lead to heart rhythm disorders, hypertension that cannot be controlled (high blood pressure) and all the complications that such situations lead.


Uncontrolled consumption of high-energy drinks, especially among athletes and patients with chronic heart disease, could cause a potentially fatal cardiovascular events, and acute aortic dissection. Dangerous are the most expensive in recent years, especially among young people, the most – energy. And hospital records show that an increasing number of young people has serious problems due to consumption of energy drinks. Some even end up on the operating table because they suffer blood vessels.

In the past 10 years other than Red Bull appeared a whole range of similar products which indicates the great interest of consumers and of course a good profit. Energy drinks are mainly used for the rapid restoration of muscle strength, improve mood, alertness and improved memory. However, it is known that energy drinks lead to heart rhythm disorders and all the complications that such situations lead.


This primarily refers to the tendency to aortic dissection (delamination of the aortic wall and its consequent shooting), as well as worsening of pre-existing coronary artery disease. There are few manufacturers that accurately point out that the product is not recommended for people younger than 18, pregnant women, people with heart problems, and people sensitive to caffeine. However, it seems that consumers are indifferent to the adverse effects of these drinks, because very few consumers pay attention to these warnings.

Besides teenagers and athletes, energy drinks more often used by professional drivers, security guards, night watchmen, students… People who want to reduce fatigue, postpone sleep and increase concentration and alertness.

Energy Drinks – comprised of a whole range of active ingredients and recipes drinks varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. The component that is located in each of them as caffeine and sucrose (a kind of sugar). Most of the drinks contain vitamins, especially B group, amino acids, above all herbal supplements (ginkgo, ginseng…).

Given that the majority of consumers in the younger age with relatively good state of the cardiovascular system, it is unlikely that one drink of this type lead to a disaster. However, the obligation to emphasize that these drinks have the potential to lead to a cardiovascular incident, particularly if it is brought more drinks in a short interval or if the energy drinks combined with nicotine and alcohol.


There are also people who are hypersensitive to caffeine. In them we see the tremor (shaking hands), insomnia, impaired functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, even after consumption of small doses of caffeine. People do notice after a cup of coffee, and in this case should avoid energy drinks.

Although caffeinated energy drinks provide calories (primarily from sugar), vitamins and they cannot be treated as a regular meal. Energy drinks do not contain enough protein, minerals, plant fibers and other ingredients necessary for the normal functioning of the human body, so they cannot replace meals!

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